What Is a Gutter in InDesign? #shorts

Have you ever wondered what a gutter is In InDesign well in this quick tutorial I'm going to show you what a cutter is And how you can find them to adjust the Text column gutters select the text Frame and change the number of columns To 2 and the gutter to six if you want To adjust columns in InDesign go to Layout margins and columns change the Number of columns to four and the gutter To 10. You can also change your column Colors By creating a new document all you have To do is go to file new document change Your columns to three and use 0.5 inches For your column gutters Now your file should look like what's on Screen if you need to change the size of Your gutters remember you can always go To layout margins and columns now if you Want to change margins in InDesign you Can follow these same steps but this Time adjust your margins instead of your Gutters Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and also check out tutsplus.com For more

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