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One of the questions we get all the time Is well I mean I guess I should be Meeting with my client more what should We cover how do we make those meetings Productive when you think about your Client retention strategy and the things You can do to improve your client Retention rate get your clients to stay With you longer really boils down to Your onboarding process how you would Communicate and your client success Management process the number one recent Clients lead is perceived indifference Oftentimes because they feel like you Don't care because there really is a Balance that has to be struck absolutely You have to be good at generating Results if what you're doing for the Client it's not generating tangible Measure return on investment you don't Even deserve to retain the client you've Also got to provide world-class service But if you can get on Zoom and you can Show them what you're working on what The results are what the impact is you Want to review the progress the rankings The analytics and the calls you want to Come to that meeting you want to say hey Thanks so much for meeting we really Appreciate your business we want to talk About kind of what we're focused on next Really build a plan for the next 90 days Does that work for you Mr Clan

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