What to do with Video Testimonials from your agency’s clients | Seven Figure Agency #shorts

I would create a YouTube channel in your Niche agency name create a YouTube Channel with that exact name put your Video testimonials on there and call it Your Niche agency review every time you Get a new one and I name my YouTube Videos Tree Service digital reviews and That's the first thing that pops up in The search terms and the search feed When somebody types in Tree Service Digital reviews so type you know name it That maybe name a few of them you know Your Niche agency testimonial your Niche Agency Reviews you get a lot of those Types of searches that'll be the first Thing that pops up Um so YouTube channel post them there You can also create a reviews page on Your website and just have all those Like in order you share them on social Media if you're doing the Facebook group Strategy upload them in your Facebook Group those webinars that you're doing Every month you know with the invites And the replays you could also send that Out as a nurture sequence hey we just Got another you know testimonial for you Know your Niche marketing agency right And check out what so-and-so had to say About our services stuff like that

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