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What's a digital marketing agency owners On this video I want to talk a little Bit about reporting and what you should Report to your clients on a monthly Basis and really how you can improve Your retention by being strategic with What you show and what you don't show so If you're trying to figure out how to Get better with reporting so you can Improve retention you're definitely Going to want to watch this video [Music] [Applause] [Music] So when it comes to reporting really This fits in your overall client Retention strategy right we want to have World-class onboarding effective Communication and success management and Really to me that effective Communication dials down to really Making sure you get a great Communication Rhythm and that you're Showing the client the things they Actually need to see and giving them the Information they need to feel good about Your services and so this is a really Important decision you make in your Agency that will have massive Ramifications of how well they receive Your your monthly meetings how happy They are with your services How likely They are to actually meet with you on a Month over month basis and and perceive

Some level of value in what you're doing And I can speak from experience because Over the years we've really changed our Reporting strategy and it had a big Impact on our retention in the past we Used to run a ranking report we'd run Google analytics we'd have 19 different Data points that we'd be prepared to Show the client and we would go through All of this information with them and What we found was oftentimes on the Other other side of the zoo meeting Their eyes would start to roll back and They would disengage and they'd be like Well I'm spending all this money but I Don't know what I'm getting and I don't Understand the value even when we Generated great results and so what I Want to ask you to do is just think for A second about why your clients pay you On a monthly retainer for your agency Related Services I just want you to Think about that for a minute because The answer to that question is extremely Important right if you think they're Paying you to you know get a certain Amount of links or to get a certain Click Ratio or to improve your Click-through rates you're going to wind Up showing them things that they might Not care about but if you recognize the Real reason they hired you was because They believe that you can take their Dollar and turn it into a return on

Investment through the marketing Strategies that you implement whatever That mix of marketing strategies might Be and so I also want you to think like What are their desired outcomes what do They really want or do they want more Traffic do they want more clicks do they Want better click-through rates or do They just want more leads and more sales Right what I've what I believe and what I found with most the clients we work With what they really care about is how Much did I spend how many leads did I Get what's my return on investment right And the more we boil down our reporting To just show that to make it really easy For them to make an informed decision to Feel good about the outcomes and to know That they're in good hands the last Questions we got the short of the Meetings and the the happier the clients Were the longer they would stay with us And I want you to recognize Most your clients don't really care About all the technical mumbo jumbo Right they don't care about how many Links they don't care about how many Words of content they don't care about What the click-through rate was what all Of these different metrics that you need To know that you need to be managing as An agency they don't care about that They really just care and what they pay For is the outcome and really if you can

Boil your reporting down to this whether You're doing this on a Google sheet or You're making a custom presentation Inside of keynote or maybe you've got a Better reporting system like agency Analytics or ninja cat if you can boil Your reporting down to how much did they Spend in your management fees combined With whatever marketing spend there was So they can really easily see that There's no guesswork you spent 7 200 This month how many leads that were Actually generated right and of course We need to put tracking in place with Call tracking and and you know web form Tracking we need to know how many leads Were actually generated but we should be Able to count that up for them they make It really easy to say you spent this and You generated this number of leads and If you can help them know what the Return on investment is you can answer Those three questions for your clients They're going to feel real good Especially if there's a return on Investment right if they if they spent The thousand and they generated five if They spent 7 200 and they generated you Know 75 000 right they're going to feel Good about that and so really what I Want you to do is think about any of Your reporting are you over reporting or Are you getting to the bottom line Things they really want to know the the

Answers to the questions they really Have about whether they should continue To invest in your services or not and so I'll just share a visual of what our Reporting looks like that way you can Have something to Benchmark against we Use a tool called ninja cat we've very Customized the the data variables and This video isn't necessarily about how To use ninja cap it's more about how can You present the data to your clients in A way that makes them feel comfortable And gets them to this information so the Way we present it is they've got a Couple of columns that they can look at On the report and this is either a live Dashboard or something we send to them As a PDF via email but it's always Reviewed with a live account management You're really explaining it and kind of Letting them know what's going on But for thinking about reporting we Really want to boil it down to how much Did they spend in this case Mexico Plumbing is a company where we're Working with in in Mason Ohio they spent 5 671 dollars right here that's what They spent in our management fees and on Their Google ads right that's their Total spend how many leads did they Generate 503 so you spent five grand you Get 503 leads and the average cost per Lead is 11.27 right we just take the Total spend divided by the number of

Leads it's 11.27 for this client that's Great right in their mind they've looked At it they're like okay I'm generating a Lot of leads I've got a low cost per Lead I know what my average transaction Value is that's probably pretty good in A lot of cases that's enough they're Like okay I see what's going on now you Do want to drill down a little bit be Able to say that like where did those Leads come from and so we use call rail And we use other tools to track leads by Source so we can say 167 of those came From organic a hundred of those came From pay-per-click 222 came directly From Google Maps um 16 were from people Starting a web chat on your website or Starting a a web form filled out and Really just chunking this down for them So they can easily see where their leads Came from this is what we report this is Where we spend the Lion Share of our Time the second portion of our reporting Is helping them quantify the return on Investment now in the perfect world You're going to tie into their whatever Their Billing System is and in our world That service type in your world that Might be Um QuickBooks it might be whatever System is used in the industry ideally You'll be able to show them here's what You spent here's how many came from your Marketing here's your true return on

Investment but what you can always do Whether you have access to that or not Is Project the return on investment Based on industry benchmarks right and What we did is we looked at all of our Clients and the ones that had the Tracking where we'll say well what's the Average conversion rate from lead to Sale what's the average transaction Value for the services that you guys Provide and from there we can say like Based on benchmarks this is what your Return on investment should be and so For us like we're basically saying about An 85 percent of the leads we generate Are our true qualified leads in their Market ready to do business so we we Automatically discount that to 428 Qualified leads now we also find that we Ask the company what's your average Conversion rate from inbound lead or Inbound web submission to book job and We let them tell us so if they tell us It's 30 percent we're going to mark that Into the system that they tell us it's 85 percent whatever the number is that's We're going to put and it will Automatically calculate well 428 Qualified leads at an 85 conversion rate Would mean you would probably have 368 book jobs or booked leads that turn Into appointments now Of those you close what percentage in The field 75 percent of them get closed

In the field the other 25 percent don't So that would be 273 actual converted Leads into revenue and then we'll ask Like what's your average transaction Value right and it's different right Some companies have a higher some Companies have a lower Um in their particular case they're Saying it's an average transaction out Value of 450. so we could say all right 273 book jobs at 450 would be 122 000 Um in Revenue that's what's your Projected revenue is so against your Investment we can divide and say you got A 21 time return on investment this is Fancy see math Um it I want you to see this can be done Where you can easily present this using Google Sheets using the data pulled Straight from Google ads and from your Your management systems and you can Easily present a case like this to the Client or any period of time they can See what did we spend how many leads did We generate what's our return on Investment so hopefully this is helpful If it's helpful to see how we present This to our clients and how that's Really improved retention give me a like In the comments you know say something That you're enjoying here and um really You could also do something similar with High level if you're using high level And you're calling straight into the

System and you can get your clients to Use the dashboard where they manage Their deal flow in pipelines you can Also show them how many leads came in What the total pipeline value is and if They're closing the jobs which certain Industries lend themselves really nice To this you can use high level to Present this entire process to the Client and then what I think is as you Go into your meetings with your clients Your armed with great information to Sell them here's how much you spent Here's how many leads we generated Here's what we think the return on Investment is I lead with that data like I train our account managers we're going To start with this and this is what We're going to show them but we always Want to have that other data available Because some clients do care like some Clients are very technical and they want To know what happened with analytics and They want to know what's going on with The keyword report and so you want to Have that information to inform the data Right so if they want to know like okay So why did that lead flow increase or What did we change you could say hey Look let's pull up our ranking report And we use bright local for this you Could use any variety of ranking tools And say these are the keywords we're Focused on for you this is where you're

Ranking that's how things are trending In the right direction because of what We're doing with content and links and Citations and reviews here's what we're Seeing with Google analytics and be Prepared to be able to explain to them You know here's the traffic Trend and Here's where the customers are coming From and here's the landing pages that Are converting best and then obviously You want to have your spend data how Much do they spend on Google ads how Much winning which ad group how much was Spent on Facebook so The bottom line you can't just go with The key performance data and say hey Here's what we're seeing and call it a Day because your technical buyer and Usually the larger companies as they Start to put a marketing director in Place is going to want to know this Information so you want to be armed with Both but for the most part our best Clients the one that stick around for The long term the ones that really enjoy Working with us they're just focused on This key data how much did I spend how Many leads did I generate what's my Return on investment and I would really Suggest that you shift your reporting to Really easily showcase the client those Specific details now what you report is Part of your overall client retention Strategy right and as agency owners your

Number one priority should be to deliver Amazing results and retain your clients At the highest level possible and so I've got a great workbook that I've put Together with some deep dive training on How to really create a great retention Strategy for your agency you can access That going to sevenfigure agency.com Retention Dash workbook go there check It out if you got value from this video Please hit the like button hit the Subscribe button if you get follow-up Questions about how we structure the Reporting what we report post that in The comments and we'll get back to you As soon as possible thanks for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to talking with you soon Foreign

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