White-Label Tech Support with Extendly for HighLevel

That's sort of why I chase you know We've been so hyper focused on helping Agencies because Um I realized that uh people that are Using high level if they're not giving It a fair shot uh and not giving it a Fair you know getting a fair Understanding of how to use this thing They may be missing out on a huge Opportunity right high levels are really Becoming the backbone of the marketing Agencies and you know it's a great Opportunity software platform wise right You don't have to go out and get your Own Dev team to build everything that Cost millions of dollars you're paying 487 dollars a month I mean what a deal Right Um and all you need to do is invest the Time to learn the platform [Music] Hi everyone and welcome to another Episode of the high level Spotlight Sessions where we showcase awesome Marketers doing awesome marketing today I'm excited to be joined once again by Mr Bean Singh of extendedly bayonet Welcome back to the show thank you Chase Thanks for having me hello everyone If you haven't watched the previous Episode you should probably check them Out extendedly is an incredible uh Resource for height levelers they're on A mission to kind of uh make your high

Level Journey as easy as possible and uh Today we're going to talk about a few New uh Acquisitions they've made and and See what's new in the extendedly uh Library first of all congrats on the new Acquisitions walk us through that thank You thank you yeah really appreciate That it's exciting to be able to you Know first off even have the thought About willing wanting to acquire someone And then Um you know and then being able to Actually acquire them as well so um ghl Experts is one of our Acquisitions that We announced about Um it made perfect sense you know once We realized what our what our goals are As a company and what we want to do Which uh which came to the point of hey We just want to help high level high Levelers make their Journey as easy as Possible right and once that gets set in Place you start planning around that and Ghl experts was a perfect pick we looked At several different companies and we Said well let's approach them had a Conversation they were interested in Joining us as well so Um it made uh it made a perfect sense to Do that and bring them on now we're Excited to have their Dev team join us They have a bunch of different resources They've been around way longer than Externally has been around so that was

That was exciting and um and and I think We're going to be able to help a lot of High-level users make more sense of Utilizing high level in different ways And optimizing it for their for their Businesses very cool is there anything That you're most excited about that was Kind of in their catalog that you guys Now have under your roof absolutely so We we didn't have a Dev team on our side At all so yeah our team was was very Small we were just you know fiddling With uh bringing on sort of SAS add-on Style products and they already had that Established they have an amazing Dev Team uh for uh Anna Shaw you know Amazing amazing guys and they've been Doing this for a while so uh yeah and With with their expertise on their deaf Side uh and being able to develop uh Add-on products to Um to high level just made perfect sense To join our support team with their Dev Team and provide you know more of an A To Z style uh services to uh to Customers that's super cool uh if you Guys are watching again and you haven't Watched the previous interviews with Payon extendedly Um traditionally has been there for you As far as support so let's say you go Into SAS mode and you don't want to be Answering questions about software you Can install their white labeled support

Products and they will actually handle Those tickets for you which is pretty Awesome Now they've partnered with one of the The oldest I would say Dev partners of The high level community and who have Built a bunch of cool add-ons and stuff Like that that you can kind of bolt on To high level turn on to high level to You know expand the functionality in Different directions I think Fair Famously had a snap a reputation Management snapshot I believe that um I'll know a lot of folks used so they Have a lot of tried and true products And and I think that's a pretty big Acquisition for you guys so congrats on That one yeah thank you thank you uh Yeah their their uh reputation engine Um they actually turned it into a Software from just being a snapshot so It has a whole back end Um you know 60 plus uh a reputation Management sites that you can uh combine So it's it's exciting I'm you know we're Obviously adding AI to it as well with The with everything going on with AI so That's gonna that's gonna help a lot Very cool so now talk to me about the Acquisition of the the academy so Steph Melissa Blair big shout out they've been A part of the community for a long long Time very active in the community Um if you ever hop on uh one of our

Monthly Town Halls you'll be sure to to See them there I was really excited to See uh that that you guys acquired that You guys came together as well yeah Absolutely and and you know with like I Said with having that goal in mind when You know it and it's a clear picture Goal that you this is all you want to do Then all this stuff makes to uh make Perfect sense so uh with uh Melissa and Stephanie Um having uh a certification division uh Where they were helping their clients And others uh get very well uh Acknowledged with high level so they can Use it for themselves Um and that in bringing that on and you Know turning it into the academy for High level made perfect sense so now you Know everything from just when someone Just signs up and they're like oh my God You know amazing software but where do I Get started right so we put together Structured courses lessons to sort of Walk them through and educate them uh With what is high level how does it help You you know in simple things like uh What is what is an agency View and what Is a sub account the differences between Between them right so helping them Understand all that back end and Melissa And Stephanie were also excited uh to Join us on this Mission as well so That's that's going to be uh amazing

Um to uh to team up together and be able To you know teach our way through uh High levels and and educate people Um so that and it even helps our support Side as well I was going to say if I can Sort of read between the lines here does This create sort of a path to employment At get extendedly some of these folks Who are going to be getting certified Might end up working at extendedly and You know answering the white labeled Questions that are coming through the Ticketing systems yeah it it most Definitely does it most definitely does Uh there's there's uh you know so the Goal overall goal has been helping as Many Um people as possible uh whether they're An agency owner or a VA get started with High level right which is sort of why we Kind of got away from doing our own SAS Um that was that was uh you know we Started with our own white liberal SAS And we kind of did it hand on hand uh Together with extend Lee uh but once we Got super focused on externally it it Made sense to just go all in uh with it Um and not that task wasn't profitable That was actually doing very well it was Actually easier than having to manage Externally At this point so Um but you know when you start teaching Uh teaching people and they they're

Learning uh high level now we're able to Also have a talent pool there directly For ourselves as well right and bring Them on as you know someone who's Already gone through our courses know The uh know what we teach what we want You to learn and how to provide support Um that also paves the way for them to You know have employment opportunities And of course it helps agency owners and Their staff to learn high level how to Use high level you know how to pitch High level to to their customers also we Even Um I don't know if you know this or not We even started uh coaching lessons uh In our in our externally high-level Group where every day Monday to Friday We've got James Hurst Joel Ketty Zach Gilliland they're hosting two sessions 9 A.M and 11 30 a.m Pacific and all They're doing is teaching people how to Use high level any technical questions That come up you know tips and tricks So they're uh you know they're providing That information to agency owners so They can join in and learn uh more about High level and then we uh partnered with Uh Alex shielinski from uh prospecting On demand one of the biggest questions We had got was okay now I know high Level how do I sell it right so we Brought their team on they're teaching Prospecting that you know they're

They're well known in the prospecting And sales uh coaching area so they're Teaching prospecting and and uh sales Coaching on Thursdays at 1am 1 p.m uh in Our in our group as well very cool so You know if you're if you're watching And you want to you know get a Certification in high level it's not From us it's from them but uh you know Steph and Melissa I know built a great Program over there and Um I'm sure you guys are you know doing Nothing but uh improving that and and Maybe even end up working at extendedly To help support High levelers uh if You're interested in that sounds like a Great opportunity but uh talk to me About The what I would say That the success so far of the white Labeled support that you guys offer if I'm sitting here and I'm hearing that And I'm like is that really realistic That somebody else could run the support For my SAS customers and and that would Actually work How's it been going how many folks have You guys helped so far and give me some Some insight yeah yeah absolutely so uh You know last time when we did uh we did Our uh Spotlight session we had we were Just getting started um it had been a Few months uh into extendedly uh and we Were right at right at about 50 or

60-ish uh customers um at the time and Today we're well over uh 700 agencies That are using us uh for uh support Purposes and and other things white Label support in particular Um you know when you have a team that's Dedicated their their job is nothing but To learn the system provide uh knowledge And troubleshooting uh to to your Customers it really really helps and our Team uh I mean we've got a white labeled Support side of the team and we have an Agency support side of the team and We've purposely sort of kept them Separate Um you know one is uh in in slack Channel the agency the owners get a Private slack Channel they come in ask Any questions enter so agency side of The support team helps them answer those Questions as needed you know whether They're troubleshooting or running into Problems uh whatever the case may be Especially if they're using one of our Products or services like snapshots or Other other products right and then the White label support team is in the live Chat Um helping Um matter of fact in March 2023 we're Going 24 7. so right now we've been sort Of all right blightly been 24 7 just Testing the waters into you know make Sure we have enough supporting staff in

In different shifts Um but uh March 2023 we're going to be Officially 24 7 with our live chat Support Um there as well so uh the the the uh The benefit of and the success that Agencies are finding using us as the uh As a white label support partner is We're focused on just helping uh learn And teach high level to our agents and As well as their customers right so we Sort of draw a fine line and we say hey We'll sit there and teach you how to use High level right but what we won't do is Go take on a task and just do it for you And the reason we sort of do that is Because we want them to learn high level We want their users to also learn high Levels or a team even on the White Label Side will literally hop on a zoom call With their white label customer and They'll walk them through hey click here Do this do actually why do Z right and Walk them through how to set up a Campaign how to set up a workflow Whatever the question may be instead of Just saying hey no worries we'll go Ahead and do it for you but then the Customer doesn't learn they they come Back and rely on you again right Um so we we want to be able to teach Them how to and that that sort of Methodology has helped a lot we get a Lot of a lot of Thumbs Up and loves in

In the uh in the chat chat comments that We see so it's been it's been working Well I'm sure you know there are times That we're not you know perfect either And we've Fallen uh behind that that Happens but the important part is we we Stand behind our product if if we have You know a customer that's gotten upset And from time to time I'm sure that's Happened uh we're there to still support Them and help them and actually walk Them through customers get upset and Frustrated only because they feel their Problem hasn't been solved or someone Hasn't listened to them well enough to Actually solve their problem so uh you Know once you let them know hey no Matter what we're going to take the time Although it's taking longer but we're Going to take the time to solve this Problem and we're going to make sure That it is a result right then and once It's resolved then they're happy they're Really happy they're excited that you Actually fix their problem Of course that's awesome I think uh you Know again there are uh a few folks like Bang on and extendedly in the community Around the community that can support You in a white labeled fashion Um definitely a great option to consider If you're going into SAS mode and you Don't want to have to become an expert In every little nook and cranny of high

Level Getting white labeled support I think is A really good idea to uh to ensure that Your clients have a great experience and You can just focus on kind of selling And building your your white labeled SAS Business right especially if you're you Know when you're with the whole SAS Offer you're you're literally a software Company you've now become a software Company along with your marketing Services that you're providing and uh Generally people expect a software Company to have a good support team and And and uh if you're if you're you know A provider that goes out and says hey we Have a 24 7 live chat support team that Can support you well guess what that That means you know they they actually Think you're serious about this business It's not just something that someone Started from their garage right you you Have to have that Manpower behind it to Be able to provide a 24 7 uh support uh Support team so actually helps you on Your sales side I was just going to say Yeah seeing that on the page 24 7 live Chat support is a pretty strong Proposition to have on your sales page Um that will definitely give you a Competitive Advantage yeah absolutely Absolutely but one of the reasons I love Chatting with you Um and we we do a lot of webinars with

Your community so I can't remember If we talked about this before in a Spotlight session or if it was one of Your interviews but you are a man of Many businesses you are not just uh you Know focused on extendedly but you're Actually using high level in other Businesses that you own which I I think Is great I love to see people using the Product themselves so that they are kind Of on the Forefront of being able to Help others Um talk to us about some of your other Businesses and how you're using high Level in them yeah yeah so you know I Got my start with uh with my security Company where we do surveillance systems For businesses Um I've been operating that for since 2004. so it's been a number of years Um uh company successful and at this Time it's been able to run uh without uh Me having to manage the day-to-day which I'm really really thankful that that's The first company where I learned how to Exit from day to day nice yeah then you Really can't run the business right Um so we use we use high level there uh On um it's it's a Service Company you Know so if you you that this is more on B2B side but you know if uh most people Can probably relate it to uh Like Home Services style businesses right so we Have the same

Um uh high level functionality there Um so doing estimates following up with Sales uh you know your missed call text Back and live web chat widget and Whatnot so uh high level is fully Engraved into our sales process our Marketing process our support process so That we can help customers our customers Continue to have uh that follow-up there And so we don't we don't lose touch with Them and then sort of same thing on um On my pizza businesses so I you know on A few restaurants as well and they're They're pizza shops around the San Francisco Bay Area here uh in California But uh you know we we have implemented a High level from day one when when we Purchased them and then matter of fact That story is so exciting it probably Requires another Spotlight just But in a nutshell we've just by Implementing high level we've actually Been able to double our sales uh at Those stores and I'm not talking about Just one store multiple stores have Increased and literally doubling the Sales revenue within one year of buying Them having a high level implemented and We didn't do anything crazy with that as Well right all we did was Implemented the very basics of high Level inside uh inside inside those Businesses so your missed call text back Connecting to GMB right the call

Recording and the call routing with the Tracking number Um and and a few other things and all That did was made sure every call we Missed or every call we came in we Informed them about that hey did you Know you can order online and here's our Link and we we saw phone orders go down And uh online orders increase Significantly so that helped there as Well I love it I I am a huge Pizza head So the fact that you've got pizza shops Is amazing I think it might be in my Retirement plans to open up one of my Own so I'll have to steal your high Level secrets when it comes to pizza Shops someday but uh you guys have a big A big day coming up right Super Bowl Sundays in a couple of weeks I'm sure You guys are going to get slammed are You uh doing some Super Bowl promotion Yeah that's a that's a really really uh You know busy day probably the busiest It's and it's busier than Christmas Um as well so it's the busiest day in The history of pizza business last year Was the first time when we experienced It as as Pete as Pizza business owners Um and the stores just went nuts uh we We were prepared we you know we knew This was going to happen so had extra Staff Um and um and and I was actually you Know sort of watching the stores as well

Uh just to see you know who needs help And where and where do we need to call In additional uh people in but uh yeah So that's that's going to be exciting to See this year as well and absolutely so We did some promotions as well and it's Already started where we're telling People that hey Super Bowl Sunday's Coming up prepare for your party order With us and here's how you can order Online if you order ahead by this day You get a discount and this and that all Right so it helps and all that's being Utilized using high level Uh I love it you know hopefully if You're watching and you you work with Restaurants or you know this works for Any number of businesses right I love to Teach marketing as hey you basically Need to create a way to build a database Right and I don't know if Bayonne has Like a first time visitor offer Um for his pizza shops but whatever it Is that you can get people opting in Um once you've grown that list you then Can reactivate it whenever you want Right and I think for restaurants Super Bowl is an obvious opportunity to Reactivate that database with an email Design it in you know 10 minutes or grab A template from the email Builder that Hey Super Bowl's coming up I love the Idea of placing orders ahead of time so Their staff can get ahead of the game

But I'm you know I'm gonna bet that you Guys are going to generate a ton of Additional Revenue based on just sending Out that text campaign or that email Campaign reminding people that oh yeah Super Bowl Sundays in two weeks I would Love to have a pizza chicken wing combo Uh for the family ready to go oh I can Order it ahead of time and save sounds Great boom that's just going to amount To a ton of increased revenue and um you Know don't get hung up on the fact that We're talking about a pizza shop this Could be applied to anything right every Holiday every seasonal change Um national food days there's a million Opportunities to create a story around Why you're reactivating your database But the point is every business You first need that database of Customers of potential customers and you Know I'm always shocked at how many Businesses don't yet have that and you Know with high level we can take care of That yeah yeah absolutely and and a Matter of fact you know majority of the Businesses out there are not doing the Most basic type of marketing right which Is just you know set and forget style It's not even you have to actively do Things right uh and and high level is a Perfect tool to allow that allows Marketing agencies to you know go talk To a business and educate them on um on

This and and set this up for them right Even if it's the most base level you Know Sean talks about this uh you know Just missed call text back right that Alone is a huge deal and being able to Build that list or have that list come In and populate into the CRM whether It's someone going to the website using The web chat widget or you know someone Just calling in through your Google uh GMB and getting that text message back You you're actually populating that list Over time right and now you're able to Use that to do a blast you can do an SMS Blast you know although I recommend Doing uh you know blasts in a slower Drip mode uh campaign instead of just All at once just for higher Deliverability uh purposes but Um you you utilize those Um in and in in our case of uh you know The Super Bowl Sunday that we're talking About Um it's not the fact that we're using High level to be in front of them uh Right uh it any everyone's gonna order From some place right and if we didn't Have high level to send out these blasts To them then we would have had to rely On traditional marketing which is much More expensive right sending out these Mailers and whatnot to people's homes uh To educate them that hey we don't forget About us when you're ordering you know

For your uh Super Bowl Sunday uh but now We can easily do that through the text Message blast and and be in front of Them so we can help them plan their Super Bowl Sunday instead of someone Else getting in you know uh you know Another competitive uh uh company Getting in and saying hey order from us And we've got a bigger discount well if You just help them plan it in advance Now regardless of whatever the offer is They're likely going to order with you So you've mentioned several times the Power of like the mystical text back and Stuff and and I'd love to use this Opportunity to flesh that out for people Because I I don't know if everyone Quite understands how big of this is as An opportunity for a business around Just phone calls in general I've been Surprised to see people white label high Level and build an a SAS business around Just those sort of features just saying Hey what if we could turn all your phone Calls into text message conversations And and that alone has been enough for Somebody to say sure I'll pay a hundred Dollars a month for that or I'll pay 200 A month for that as a business owner a Pizza shop owner talk to me about the Power of turning a phone call which Means you and I have to be engaged at The same time Into an asynchronous conversation of SMS

Where I can reply to you when I want to And also be replying to other people Kind of at the same time right what does That do for a business Yeah absolutely so you know first off uh Especially for uh pizza shops or any Business that's receiving phone calls uh Right now today uh if you're not using Um high level those calls are just Coming into your regular desk phone Right or your uh you know Comcast number Or whatever at T whatever whoever you Have it from and there's there's not Really a huge log unless you've got some Sophisticated uh you know ivr system in Place Um of those uh numbers the the first Thing that high level does is it's Creating an entry into your CRM as a Contact every single call that comes in Now you can go back and see how many Times this person's called us and you Know even listened to call recording if You have call recording enabled and it's All in one place right and then you take The opportunity to every time there's a Missed call send them a text message Back so you can engage with them and if They message you back then you can Respond and so on so forth and as well In our case what we've done is Originally we did a missed call a text Back where it was only when a call was Missed then we would text them back and

Say hey we noticed you called in sorry We couldn't answer did you know you can Order online and here's our link right And then we noticed Um uh that's great but what if we Actually turned this into just from Missed call to every call regardless of Whether the call is missed or not even If we answered it what if we turned it Into every call text back so then what We did was And this is what really helped uh uh you Know grow the online ordering business As well is every call regardless if it's A missed call or not uh it would send Back a message saying thank you for Calling uh our pizza place and uh by the Way did you know or I think it says um You know were we able to help you and by The way did you know uh you can also Order online so even if they ordered With us now we're still educating them That next time you can order online Right Um so that helped and now then we were Saying okay every call that is completed That is you know a call that we took That is not a missed call we're gonna Send that message back and next morning We're going to send them a review Request as well because we know they Called in they must have ordered right Uh a while taking a pizza pizza shop Right yeah

Let's check back with them and uh see How their experience was and that Generated review request as well so you Know one thing thing to the next and it Kind of leads into uh I love that and I Want to interject here because I think I Feel like a lot of times we get hung up On the statistical outliers right what Do you mean you text back everyone what If they were just calling and asking Your hours right and now you're going to Send them a review request yeah who Cares that's like what 10 5 of the calls Right you're looking for the net Positive which far outweighs the one or Two people who might be like I was just Calling to get directions or something Like that right yeah absolutely and You're absolutely right so don't don't Focus on the the small percentage focus On the big picture that how how much of A positive impact it's actually having For your business I love it hopefully uh You guys have the gears turning you know We're talking pizza shops which I love But again this can be applied to pretty Much any business right and Um you know I love it a lot of times we Get so into like the crazy things that We can do but what you pointed out the Really basic fact that just hey every Call that comes in becomes a contact Right so I could then go back and listen To the calls I can see what my employees

Are saying on these calls I could oh That was a really good call you know What I'm going to call that person back And let them know that we have a a Pizza Lovers text club or a gift of the month Or whatever it may be for whatever Business can I add you to that list Right you know you can do whatever you Want when you're able to go back and Review and and you know you know what we Didn't get your name or we didn't get Your email we'd love to be able to send You this or and you know fill out that Contact record create a customer a long Time recurring customer from those phone Calls that are coming in I love the fact That you guys are turning every call Into an SMS conversation I would be Doing exactly that I probably wouldn't Even be answering the phone I'd be Sending people straight into my Voicemail and just saying hey you're Going to get a text back from us in a Second and just text everyone back Because I really I think and from what I'm seeing across the landscape it's True Businesses that are Able to asynchronously converse you're Able to converse with so many more People right one person can have 10 text Conversations at the same time versus if I'm on the phone I can't really be doing Anything else and so that alone massive

Opportunity uh and so we were just Talking about pizza shops but to give You give you know our audience an Example of other businesses so I was Talking about my security company as Well right so Home Service businesses Can do the exact same thing Um at my security company we've sort of Applied the same same exact concept that We did at the pizza shops there the only Thing difference is our our uh messaging Back so every time a call comes in so we Actually have an ivr system there so we Couldn't do a missed call text back Because the ivr picks up every call is Completed regardless right so uh there And that's sort of where it started the Idea of hey why don't we just do it for Every call We send a text message back saying hey Were we able to help you by the way if You were calling regarding sales go Ahead and click on this link and Schedule a sales demo uh with us right Um and if it was regarding support just Text us back and someone in support will Respond back to you Um and and uh you know we so we sort of Started qualifying were we able to help You or not was this regarding sales was This regarding support and um that's That's helped uh our team there uh be Better engaged with our with our Customers as well

I love it I think uh The sky's the limit and if you can take Your inbound and turn them into text Conversations continue the conversation Uh I think it's a massive opportunity I I think you know the rules are changing Right we're getting all these new Regulations from ADP 10 DLC or whatever Um I'm so impressed with the way that Our team is handling that building it All into high level making it really Easy for you to establish the trust that Needs to be established and whatnot and For the businesses that go through that Um it's funny because I'm seeing you Know there's a lot of frustration in General around it right now but once we Get through it and um you know the Carriers kind of everyone kind of Smooths out the wrinkles and whatnot It's actually going to get way better as Long as you're not spamming right but When you're doing things like this real Business applications that people Appreciate via SMS the results are going To get even better and so you know again Hopefully you guys are seeing the Opportunity around just this handful of Features that we've been talking about We haven't even scratched the surface of Everything else that you can do in high Level but you could go build a white Labeled SAS business around just a Handful of these things there are people

Out there doing it every day bayonets Helping them out and he's also you know He's not just a uh what was the same From those commercials he's not just a Member he's also a customer right he's Got his own businesses that he's running These things in the wild and so you can Rest assured that he knows what he's Talking about it may not go for it That's what it sort of you know it helps Us see the other side as well if I was Only on the extently side and we weren't You know doing the white label SAS Experience ourselves and we did I didn't Have these businesses where I was Actually using it for myself uh right it I wouldn't have had all of the Insight That we do now Um applying that to extendedly and Helping other agency owners learn from That and and actually implement it for Themselves as well so I think having Sort of all of that has been a has been A blessing to us to be able to provide The knowledge that we are able able to And and in in supporting uh the agencies That we do support I love it well we Certainly appreciate the support that You're providing Um the high level Community I know that You guys have a stellar reputation and So um I was excited to bring you on Celebrate your new acquisitions Um is there anything else that you

Wanted to cover before we wrap up in Regards to that so you know we uh wanted To uh to sort of celebrate uh with Everyone Um so we're going to be offering uh a Lot of different services and and to Help with our goal of helping agencies Uh make their life easier with using High level uh we put together uh a small Little gift for everyone Um so it's a it's a SAS funnel templates A launcher SAS checklist guide and as Well as a SAS sales pitch deck so if People go to get extantly.com free They'll be able to see it there and uh Opt in and receive uh receive that and Hopefully that helps you uh you know get Started a little bit further in your SAS Journey and of course if you need Support and or other uh you know want to Learn a high level feel free to reach Out to us and we're happy to help very Cool last question for you I was blown Away when I saw the statistics around How much money uh folks in SAS mode made In 2022 Talk to me about that what are you Seeing what kind of numbers are you Seeing with the folks that you're Helping out Um doing in monthly Revenue I'm assuming You see the revenue yeah yeah so some Customers you know share that share that With us I won't I won't put any any uh

Of their information out there because There and there's a really wide range Some some are really really successful With hundreds and thousands of you know SAS customers that they have and some Are just getting started trying to Figure out you know get get their first Customer this second and so on so forth But um the the very nice thing about uh SAS is aside from the sales revenues is Profitability the profitability is Amazing you can especially with having To use you know having third-party Um parties like us for example support Uh being in place you're not you're not Having to hire inside staff you're not Having to train them you don't have to Have an HR person to manage that right You're paying a fee to a company and They're doing all of that for for you And all your then all you're left to do Is sort of focus on selling your SAS Marketing your SAS prospecting doing Those demos and selling it right and That makes your profitability really Really high yeah and it can range Depending on how well you run your Business almost everyone should be above The 50 Mark regardless I don't I don't Care how bad you do it because Um because You know it's simple metrics uh they're Only paying 497 a month to highlight one That's it and you know uh 500 bucks or

So to us if if they're using one of our Top tier uh support plans right so if You're paying a thousand dollars in in a Month to a company that provides your Back end support the entire Dev team and A company that supports your customers Right and then all you have left is your Software other uh you know marketing Subscriptions and whatnot that you maybe And cost related to that and paying Yourself Right so if you're if you're at ten Thousand twenty Thirty forty thousand Dollars in monthly recurring Revenue You're taking most of that home because Your costs are a thousand bucks that's a Great point I think statistically Um I think the numbers were about 96 million dollars generated by SAS mode Agencies and Um when you divide it out by the amount Of folks that are in SAS mode right now Or that were in 2022 Um it worked out to be around I think 40 Something thousand per year on average Right so imagine if you could just open Up a forty thousand dollar uh annual Revenue stream that has been mentioned Is like 90 margin uh it's a pretty good Idea so hopefully if you you haven't Thought about going into SAS mode yet Um you start to to take it seriously Because the numbers are just amazing and You know it's it's really going to

Explode in 2023 and I'm super excited That's sort of why I chase you know We've been so hyper focused on helping Agencies because Um I realized that uh people that are Using high level if they're not giving It a fair shot uh and not giving it a Fair you know getting a fair Understanding of how to use this thing They may be missing out on a huge Opportunity right high levels really Becoming the backbone of the marketing Agencies and you know it's a great Opportunity software platform form wise Right you don't have to go out and get Your own Dev team to build everything That cost millions of dollars you're Paying 487 a month I mean what a deal Right Um and all you need to do is invest the Time to learn the platform right you Invest the time to learn the platform And now you figure out how to sell it And you don't have to you don't have to Put the Mind together to figure it out That's already been done you know There's there's uh you know people like Us and you guys you know everyone's Coaching and telling you this is what You this is where you start start with This then add on make your own packages Thereafter but at least start here right Uh and and what a great opportunity to To you know not give it a full shot and

Maybe miss out and then regret later Right that's a great point and I think You know we've spent a lot of time in Q4 Building our new uh quick wins Playbook Where we want everyone to start like the Quickest wins that you could use high Level to provide every business that you Work with and that's really what I think The core of SAS mode is right start with Those things sell it for 100 bucks 200 Bucks a month but the sky's the limit as Far as expanding beyond that right and We're going to talk a lot about that at The Mastermind of you know you can Choose your own adventure from there Right maybe you want to sell the core Stuff and websites or and SEO or and Whatever you want to do there's a Million different ways that you can go But it's all kind of up from there and So hopefully you guys are excited Hopefully you know if you are stuck Reach out to us reach out to someone Like band Um because you know the success that We're seeing is just amazing and 2023's Numbers are going to be absolutely Mind-blowing I'm looking forward to that It's going to be an amazing year awesome Well thanks again for all the great work You guys are doing in the community Always a pleasure to have you on band Thank you sir thanks for having us Appreciate it look forward to seeing you

In person soon and thanks as always for You guys for watching we will see you in The next one Foreign

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