Wix vs Squarespace (My HONEST Recommendation)

Wix and Squarespace are among the most Popular all-in-one website Builders and Over the past few months I've been using Both platforms to build multiple Websites in fact I've created complete Beginner tutorials on my channel on how To build a website or an online store Using both Wix and Squarespace so in This video I'll be comparing both of These website Builders side by side Providing my honest opinion based on my Own experience and research let's dive In Wix and Squarespace have been around For quite some time and have been Competing with each other ever since Their Inception both platforms offer an All-in-one solution for building Websites including hosting a User-friendly drag and drop website Builder and a wide range of features for E-commerce blogging email marketing and More as you may have already noticed Wix And Squarespace share many similarities Which can make it quite challenging to Decide which one to use for your website But don't worry by the end of this video Video you're gonna have all the Information you need to make an informed Decision and build your dream website We'll start by looking at the website Templates offered by Wix and Squarespace Wix has a massive library of over 800 Website templates to choose from while Many of these templates look great some

Of them feel kind of old and outdated on The other hand Squarespace offers around 150 templates each one looking modern And clean when it comes to customization Of these templates I personally find it A bit easier to customize Squarespace Templates compared to Wix templates one Reason for this might be that the editor Of Squarespace has a more intuitive and Organized interface making it easier to Adjust the layout and the elements but We'll dive more into this when we Compare the editors of both platforms Later in the video now if you want to Check out these templates for yourself I'll leave links to the current template Libraries of both platforms Down Below In the description next up we'll discuss The editors of Wix and Squarespace the Editor is the tool you use to build and Customize your website determining its Layout design and overall appearance the Wix editor allows you to drag and drop Elements literally anywhere on the page And align them perfectly to the pixel This level of freedom is great Especially if you are a professional web Designer but if you are a complete Beginner it can be really overwhelming And it can result in many elements being Misaligned on different screen sizes It's also worth mentioning that Wix has Their ADI website builder which is a More guided experience of building a

Website which can be really helpful for Complete beginners who want to get their Website up and running as quickly as Possible in contrast this Squarespace Editor is more structured and user Friendly especially for complete Beginners and since the release of their So-called fluid engine Squarespace now Also allows you to move elements freely On your page but within a controlled Grid area but even after this update the Wix editor remains slightly more Flexible than the one of Squarespace now The downside of having this drag and Drop flexibility in both platforms is That you'll have to also optimize your Design for Mobile screen sizes this Extra step will take additional time to Build your website and again this is the Case for both wigs and Squarespace as I Mentioned earlier I personally find it a Bit easier to customize templates using Squarespace with Wix I oftentimes start Out with a great looking template but Then when I start to customize it things Just don't look as good as they did with The placeholder content I started out With now the reason for this might be Because I'm not a professional web Designer but as you're watching this Video right now chances are that you're Not one either so overall I would say That I prefer to use this Squarespace Editor because it is easier to use and

You still have good flexibility moving On to the next topic let's talk about SEO or search engine optimization SEO is The process of optimizing your website So it ranks higher in the search results Thereby leading to more organic traffic This is crucial for any website as Higher visibility leads to more visitors And therefore more customers both Wix And Squarespace have a range of SEO Features that let you optimize your Website for search engines like Customizable meta titles and Descriptions or image optimization now You might have heard that all-in-one Website Builders like Wix and Squarespace have bad SEO making it hard To rank in search results however this Is not entirely true there are many Examples of Wix and Squarespace sites That rank number one on Google for Competitive keywords the truth is that Many people who use Wix and Squarespace They don't know much about SEO so they Don't use the tools they would have Available to them to optimize their site For search results so in terms of SEO Both Wix and Squarespace are good Options however it's still worth Mentioning that WordPress is still the Top Choice when it comes to SEO and That's because they just have the Biggest library of SEO plugins that Allow for advanced optimization let's

Now look at the e-commerce features for Wix and Squarespace both platforms let You turn your website into an online Store to sell various items like Physical products digital products Subscriptions or Services Wix offers More payment options which can make it Easier to accept payments from customers Worldwide when it comes to sales Channels both Wix and Squarespace allow You to sell through different platforms Such as social media sites like Facebook Or Instagram or marketplaces like Amazon Or Ebay however Wix provides a slightly Better integration with these channels Thanks to its broad range of options and Its large app Market filled with Third-party apps Squarespace doesn't Have as many apps available it relies More on built-in features when it comes To transaction fees Squarespace charges A three percent transaction fee on their Lowest e-commerce plan and then on the Higher plans they don't have any Additional fees for Wix they don't have Any additional transaction fees on any Of their e-commerce plans we'll talk More about plans and pricing later in The video so while Wix and Squarespace Are good options for small e-commerce Websites my top recommendation for E-commerce focused businesses is still Shopify so if your main focus is going To be running an online store then I

Recommend to check out my Shopify videos Down Below in the video description now Let's discuss the blogging capabilities Of both Wix and Squarespace both Platforms offer user-friendly interfaces For creating and managing blog posts I Personally find the blog login interface Of Squarespace to be a bit cleaner and More streamlined in terms of post Management Squarespace shines with its Post tagging and categorization features Making it very easy to organize your Content when it comes to blog post Editors Squarespace has a visually Appealing and easy to use editor with Various content blocks wix's post editor Also offers different content elements But may not feel quite as polished as on Squarespace for SEO optimization both Platforms have tools to optimize your Blog content but Squarespace has a Slight edge with its built-in SEO Features so in summary I would say that Squarespace is definitely the better Choice when it comes to blogging now Let's talk about the apps and Integrations Wix has an app market with Over 300 apps including both wixmate and Third-party options this gives you a lot Of options to improve the functionality Of your website for example you could Add a live chat function on your website By simply installing a live chat app From the Wix app market Squarespace

Doesn't have a large app market like Wix Instead they're focused on built-in Features for a more streamlined Experience however they do allow you to Add extensions and connect your website To third-party applications so if you Would want to add a chat function to Your Squarespace website you could also Do that by adding an extension now what About website Security on Wix and Squarespace both platforms handle Everything that has to do with security For you which is great because then you Don't have to worry about doing content Updates or installing security plugins Like you would have to do on WordPress Wix and Squarespace also provide SSL Certificates for all websites for secure Connections and data encryption they Also take care of security updates and Software patches automatically so when It comes to security both both platforms Have you covered providing a safe and Reliable environment for your website And visitors now before we take a closer Look at plans and pricing I want to talk About customer support Wix offers Customer support through phone email and Live chat along with their help center With helpful articles and videos Squarespace provides email and live chat Support during specific business hours But doesn't have phone support then they Also have a large knowledge base with

Helpful guides and video tutorials in Short both platforms offer valuable and Helpful resources and have different Customer Support options but Wix has a Slight Edge due to their available phone Support now before we wrap up this Comparison let's take a closer look at The plans and pricing of both Wix and Squarespace Wix allows you to create and Run your website for free but it comes With the limitation of having Wix ads on Your page and having a Wix domain to use A custom domain and remove the ads their Cheapest plan starts at 16 per month to Sell products and accept payments on Your website you're going to have to Consider the business and e-commerce Plans starting at 27 per month keep in Mind that these prices are for yearly Payments and if you want to pay monthly It's going to be more expensive Squarespace doesn't have a free plan but They offer a 14-day free trial and Thereafter you're gonna have to choose One of their four plans the personal Plan starts at 16 per month and is Perfect for building a simple website Four e-commerce features the business Plan starts at 23 dollars per month and To avoid the three percent transaction Fee on sales you'll have to upgrade to One of their Commerce plans and just Like on Wix plans will become more Expensive if you pay monthly and on both

Wix and Squarespace you'll get a free Domain for one year if you choose to pay Annually comparing the pricing of both Platforms side by side they are very Similar and Wix looks a bit more Expensive for e-commerce however the Plans aren't exactly the same for Instance squarespace's business basic Plan has a transaction fee of three Percent while none of the Wix plans have Any transaction fees so comparing the Commerce plan of Squarespace without any Transaction fees to the Wix business Basic plan the prices are pretty much The same now as plans and prices may Change in the future I leave links to The current plans and prices down below In the video description so as you can See the prices for Wix and Squarespace Are quite similar so your decision will Probably not be based on your budget so Now what website builder should you go For Wix or Squarespace if you value Design freedom and extensive selection Of templates and a larger app market Then Wix might be the right choice for You it's is an excellent option for Those who want more control over their Website design especially if you have Web design experience if you prefer a More streamlined and user-friendly Experience with cleaner templates then I Recommend Squarespace it's perfect for Beginners who want a visually appealing

Website without the need of extensive Design knowledge and if you want to Start a blog then I also recommend Squarespace over Wix if there's any Special deals or discounts for Wix or Squarespace at the time of you watching This video you'll find them down below In the video description you'll also Find links to free trials for both Platforms so you can try them out for Yourself before making your final Decision and when you're ready to get Started I highly recommend to use my Beginner tutorials to walk you through Step by step on how to set up your Website with whichever platform you've Chosen and if you're still not sure if Either of these platforms is going to be The right choice for you then I Recommend watching this video right here Where I give you four more options thank You so much for watching I look forward To seeing you in the next video

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