WordPress FTP Access Live!

Hey everybody happy Thursday Sean coming At you from high level so this is well This is my favorite type of release so First of all I'm no one said I couldn't Talk about this but I haven't seen the Official release notes yet but I thought It would be fun to just bring it out Anyways and see what people thought so First up did you know we have WordPress Hosting in the platform that's right Ladies and gentlemen awesome amazing First class killer WordPress hosting uh The same as you've seen in a million Places except a lot less expensive and a Lot higher performance um in my opinion So all that to say um the team has been Making some amazing upgrades to this Product but today I think we have quite A special one coming up for you so uh Obviously in order to get to this thing You go into a sub account you go to the Sites on the left-hand side you go to WordPress you can't miss it it's amazing If you're doing WordPress this is where You should be but today ladies and Gentlemen if we go to the advanced Settings section I should probably call It advanced settings but whatever let's Gloss over that for a second because Guess what FTP access oh my gosh that's Amazing that's right so you roll in here And you hit generate credentials and Then it's like look at that look at that Little sit back and relax you like feel

Like you're on an island so yeah so what Happens here is we're sending out the Requests to the server infrastructure For your WordPress to create the FTP User stuff blah blah blah blah blah blah And then in a second when you reload it Will come back at you so I'll be right Back with it boom and here you go ladies And gentlemen there's a credentials so The good news here of course you can't See the password otherwise that's be an Insecure video and that would be bad but As you can see right here you have the Ability to do this then you just take This information we try to give you an SFTP command to make this easy for you But at this point we are starting to Venture into Parts Unknown if you know How to use FTP and WordPress today's Your day you know how to do this um now Because I sort of happened upon this uh Release and has been officially given to Me I do not have the help docs yet but That's okay I suspect it will be around The corner um what I do know is I tested This myself and the FTP did work so That's pretty exciting so on that note Send it back to all of you and I hope You are having an awesome Thursday Because I am pumped and I hope you are Too thanks a lot bye

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