WordPress Hosting Domains Update & Infra improvements

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so really Quick uh update for today so for those Who don't know this we have amazing WordPress hosting in the platform uh go Check it out we actually had a great Infrastructure Improvement about three Weeks ago that actually almost uh like I Don't know like 10x the performance and Scalability of it so it's amazing um but Today we just wanted to quickly announce We made an enhancement on adding uh Domains and subdomains um particularly On the root domain side just made it a Lot easier for you um uh you can see Here on the screen you go add the domain We nicely give you the instruction how To do that um you can see here that we Actually have a cool help article that We put out there so if you're interested Just go to help.gohighlevel.com and Search WordPress adding domains to your Site and you'll find it I just wanted to Throw out real quick oh where to go Where it go there it is um a quick CRM Update um so this uh this really isn't Something you're gonna see on the front End but it's really cool that the Infrastructure team continues to do Great work here basically they split out The delivery cues to make uh they're More performance and scalable um and I Just wanted to acknowledge their hard Work on that so anyways I hope all of

You having an amazing search here Wednesday and we will talk soon thanks

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