WordPress Hosting Updates Restore htaccess and wp config files live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so we are we are Going strong to close out the year with Tons of updates so just heads up whoa my Camera needs to switch but whatever hey So anyways I'll switch for the next Video but this is an update for WordPress now uh real quick if you Didn't know this we have WordPress Hosting our WordPress hosting is like as Fast as everybody else's WordPress Hosting the difference is it's less Expensive because we don't we basically Try to run it as close to cost as we can And as a result it's just a nice add-on Service so if you haven't checked that Out check out the docs there's lots of WordPress hosting but as a way to Continue to make WordPress hosting Better we're also always trying to do Things like help with troubleshooting Because the number one issue that we run Into with WordPress hosting is clients And or sometimes agency owners Accidentally deleting destroying or Otherwise breaking a website and they Always sort of come to us and say like I Don't get it what the heck happened and It turns out that what the heck happened Was I installed a plug-in that was bad Or I changed some code and I didn't Realize was going on or whatever and it Just killed the whole thing so anyways We're just continuing to try to give

Ways to to help it so we have things Like um you can restore from backups and All this but check this out now let's go Over here Um you can restore the htaccess file so WordPress uses a style to manipulate how The web server uh serves files from Different directories and sometimes you Get 502 or 500 errors that that can be a Way to fix that and then also the Restoration of the wpp config file Because a lot of times when you have Like a database connection error that Tends to be the file that got destroyed So these are ways that you can you can Actually go through and and work on this Every time there's a file change we'll Save it out and then if that breaks it You just hit the restore button and You're back in business so anyways on That note I hope all of you are having An awesome Tuesday and I will see you in The next video thanks

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