Workflow Enhancements Live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so just Like we did for forms and surveys we are Also doing four workflows that's right So we have an awesome new Um UI layout uh for the uh workflow Section obviously uh if you haven't seen It check it out so let's walk through Those release notes and take a look at What we're doing here so Um workflow list uh and templates page Has now been completely Rewritten using The new design language Um this gives a workflow app a much more Consistent look and feel this allows uh Customers to feel certainly familiar and Again this is that General UI thing that We're like so a couple things one we Think is a much nicer looking UI that's The most important part about it two it Has internationalization support baked In behind the scenes so this will allow Us to actually launch Internationalization in each of these Areas that you see in short order as in This quarter so major pain points right Say goodbye to those best pain points um Now you can do all this cool stuff right From the list page so it's not only just Looking better it's also functioning Better right so you can do things like Sort by reasons for example but also the Cool thing is well actually if you hit This little of these three drops uh

Three whatever vertical dots you will See a drop down menu that lets you do a Bunch of cool stuff so you can actually Have this actions menu that actually Lets you like uh like disable the Workflow enable the workflow all that Stuff um right you can actually move uh Move folders you can see this kind of Cool if you like try to move it to a Folder it's not there yet it's smart Enough to know it says hey go ahead and Do that again you can also filter you See so show me all the workflows and Draft status show me all the ones that Are in published right um here's that uh Those three vertical dots look at all The things you can do here right open in A new tab edit it in the existing tab Move it to a folder duplicate delete Published right Um obviously unpublish um all from this Actions uh menu so we're adding not just This nice visual update but we're also Adding a lot of functionality here um And just making your life a heck of a Lot easier when it comes to running These workflows so anyways on oh and Sorry on the template side when you do a New template I also think this format is Much cooler and it's a lot easier for us To add more uh on the as we add more Templates it'll kind of nicely line up Here and then obviously this is what When you select one of these templates

That's already in there it'll ask you When you want to do an Port this is what The uh when you want to do a conversion Because if you have campaigns and Triggers you can move from campaigns and Triggers easily by importing from that And so this is that uh pop-up box that Now it now looks like this it was Already there as a functionality just Looks a lot nicer so anyways on that Note hope all of you are having an Amazing Wednesday and we will talk soon Thanks

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