Workflow + Infra Updates!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody a Sean Coming at you from high level so we have A ton of updates just pouring out so I'm Excited to get started here so uh first Off let's jump into two things so let's Talk about a workflow update or workflow Updates and let's talk about some back End improvements as well so first things First workflow updates you can see here There's a new trigger that uh filter for Appointment status you can filter by Modified buy and you can the option is User customer API so let's look at what This means so obviously we're all using Workflows now we're uh in in the Workflow trigger you can see there's an Appointment status trigger it's been There forever but now you can see that Um you want to say oh wait when this Appointment status is model when it's Modified right who was it Modified by so Was it Modified by an API call for those Of you using third-party API was it Modified by uh the customer who booked It or was it Modified by a user within The system and if so you can obviously Take action on that so that is a really Really cool uh uh enhancement quick note Deprecation warning with this change we Also aim to depth deprecate the existing Customer booked appointment trigger so The behavior of the customer booked Appointment trigger can be achieved Now By using the modified so there used to

Be these two triggers one was the uh a Customer booked and the other was the Appointment booked and it was weird Because one was like well any Appointment uh triggers the appointment And then only if the customer does it Does it do the customer and that was Like a little confusing so we basically Want to combine this into one trigger Now so just start using the uh Appointment status trigger and the Modified buy if you really want to make Sure you're just targeting uh the user Or excuse me the customer making a Change so anyways that's all good all The existing customer booked Appointments will continue to exist Without breaking any functionality it's Just we're going to restrict this uh Trigger from being used so don't worry It's not gonna break anything just on a Go forward basement uh sort of go Forward basis sorry anyways couple bug Fixes that you can take a look at if you Want to pause the video and let's scroll Down to the next update on horizontally Scaling pods Okay so I love to shout this stuff out When I see it because it is it is Impossible to see and it's almost always Like the absence of something happening Means it's being successful and the Amount of work the the infrastructure Team puts in is incredible and I I never

Want them not to share the spotlight Because they're phenomenal people and we Couldn't do it without them so what you Can see right here is uh it stepped up HPA or horizontal pod Auto scaling you Don't have to get all deep into the Details here what you just need to know Is that the uh just a big enhancement on The server infrastructure that allows The auto scaling of the servers um even More than before uh in order to meet a Catch up with uh different demands it's Uh basically more real time Um it's based on actual utilization Within the system so just wanted to call This out I think that the info team did Just a phenomenal job here Um great job to them and now let's jump Into one last update on the workflows For this video okay so now this the Reason I put this on here also is Because it's very infra related so you Can see right here we're moving the Campaign status aggregation staff that's Over to a much faster system so all this Means is that the stats that you're used To seeing on the workflows where we're Aggregating all the information so like If you go into a send email step or you Go into the status step or any of that Stuff where you're seeing the stats on The workflows they're just starting to Get a lot lot faster so you can see kind Of phase one has been uh phase one has

Been completed here and then we also Have phase two which is we're going to Be moving uh a lot of the uh campaign And email stuff over Um and uh that's just sort of future Casting for that so more of an Infrastructure change but the impact for You is the aggregated stats should start To become a lot faster when you're Looking at them on the workflow so Anyways with that in mind I'm going to Send it back to you and then I will see You in a minute on the next video I've Got some other great releases coming up Thanks

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