Workflow Updates Website Field + Add row if none found on the Google Sheets action!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so um because There's so many videos today I'm gonna Try to consolidate as best as I can and Lucky me our team is so amazing that we Actually have like multiple releases on The same product on the same day so I Can do that so let's start with Workflows ladies and gentlemen so There's some bugs fixes here you can Read about the bug fixes read read Awesome Moving On Now enhancements we Added a new field called websites as an Option for the create update contact Field so for um those somebody pointed This out I think recently Hey where's The website field for the contacts well Guess what now it's there awesome that's Amazing okay don't read these other Updates they're gonna come in the other Videos Moving On Moving On Moving On Okay workflow enhancement check this out Google Sheets lookup action so we have a Uh the ability to uh look up a row but Now we have the ability to create the Row on lookup failure which is cool Right so basically you're saying listen Look to see if this row exists and if Not go ahead and create a new row right So that's kind of what it's like I think They call it like an upsert in the API World but anyways point is that's a cool Addition to that important the section Uh will be logged and charged separately

Therefore we don't find if we when we Don't find the lookup and critthrow That's two billion charges not one just Heads up to that the inputs are the same As the create row and then of course There are the docs uh that you can check Out and help uh that it that are Available and let's see let's look at This Boop let's look at the screenshot Here so you can see this is a create new Spreadsheet row if it doesn't exist it's A check box you look at this really Great job I think that'll be very useful To those of you who are using this or Would like to use it but we're missing That right some more bug fixes check That out when you get a chance so that Is amazing and is there anything else oh No no don't pay attention don't pay Attention oh no we're good those are all The workflow stuff and I will see in the Next video thanks

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