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Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so we've got some Workflow updates today that I think are Pretty awesome so first up on the Premium workflow actions inbound web Hook we now support multi-part form data Now this is a little geeky don't get me Wrong but basically before we were Supporting a what I would say is a more Modern common format called Json or Json As I like to say and uh we now we found That some people are actually posting in A multi-part form data which is more of An old school approach like a jotform Did this for example and so we added Support for that huge props to the team To getting that done next up um the Inbound web Hook is sending out at 200 Which is means okay it's like we got the Message if there's no payload um in the In the inbound web hook we we're posting Back on 422 status code but some people Were basically just posting in uh zero Payloads which is which is fine which is Why we fixed that or change that so That's done also consider the field type In the payload for if else so previously All values in the payload were traded as String so let's say you you sent in a Number we didn't look at as a number we Treated as a string however with the Latest update the payload may include Numbers or booleans a Boolean is like a True or a false and then you can

Actually use that so let's say you pass In like you know whatever Likes tacos is true you can actually say If likes tacos is true do this in the uh You know if else in the conditional so If we look at that in the screenshots uh Whoops uh so here you can see like if Product price equals 20. so in a second Ago we were treating that 20 like a String and you couldn't use this as a Number so that's been fixed that's the And then again here's the booleans uh is It electronic Appliance if electronic Appliance true so again you can use Those in the conditional logic awesome Job the workflow team create update Contact pre-populated step in the Workflow trigger previously only Supported string Fields however we've Now also made that so it can include all Fields including single options so That's awesome uh and then of course Some other workflow updates just uh Better logging systems going on there Error handling all kinds of good good Sort of back end changes so anyways I Hope all of you are as excited about Those updates as I am and on that note I'm going to send it back to you and I'll see you in a minute on another Video thanks

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