Zapier Replacement Updates Slack v2, Google Sheets v2, and a new custom outbound webhook coming so

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so check this out This is um an update actually on all This sort of uh zapier replacement uh Kind of alpha work that we've been doing So real quick to catch anybody up who Didn't see the other videos basically we Have uh our goal here is really simple Long term we want to help you replace Zapier if we can so we've developed These sort of Premium workflow actions Um first we start we have a couple of Them we have slack uh in their Google Sheets in there and an inbound web hook I think or uh and uh oh and a custom Outbound web hook which we'll sort of Talk about in a second Um as kind of our MVP release so anyways Currently right now we're targeting the End of the quarter at the uh at the Latest we've been testing this in-house So there's a lot of updates that have Actually happened here and Renato um has Spearheaded a lot of this work as you Can see it did an amazing job so let's Jump in real quick and take a look so First of all custom outbound web hook Action so Um again pre-alpha so only enabled in The ghl account users can send data out From high level into any system and fire A web Hook from outside of high level With any any desired data so what this Means is that you can send out and look

At some screenshots data in any Structure that you want to we won't Include any default data in this custom Web hook only what the customer selects And provides it has amazing Json editor That simplifies the body setup and Multiple options for authorization Besides everything that we've already Have in our normal web hook action Because we actually do have an outbound Workbook right now which sort of just Sort of throws everything that like in The kitchen sink out and has very little Customization to it it works in most Cases but this is really a an upgrade to That so there's that then slack action Version two went out um private Channel Support uh send a user you can sort of See all this stuff uh that's in there I Won't belabor it Google Sheets action B2 Update specific spreadsheet rows which Wasn't there before row can be custom Value so it can be dynamic um delete Specific spreadsheet rows um so that's All awesome and good let's see let's hit Up these screenshots and go through them Together So you can see right here um action is Uh send notification to slack and you Can see like send a private Channel Choose a private Channel kind of what The message looks like Um you can see here that you can uh Choose user Source uh and then here look

At the uh look right here see the user Source custom email and you can actually Put contact that email so it's just Demonstrating the use of the dynamic Values to actually do this which is Awesome Um sort of uh choose an internal user You can do that okay now Google Sheets You can see create delete and update Like we talked about Um and then this is just driving through Some of that here's the update that We're doing here as an example and then This is a delete Um and you can notice like look at the Row number there contact that row number It's like it's a custom value really Showing how Dynamic this can get and Then here's the custom web hook so uh This is the ability to vent his custom So we're doing a post there's the URL Authorization is better token so this Shows like the I don't know if this is a Drop down not enough so you get like Different authorization schemes so for Those of you who are doing outbound web Hooky web hooky stuff you'll know kind Of like there's different authorization Methodologies out there and this just Basically allows you to do all of them So that's cool and then you can see Right there there's a you can add custom Headers which is pretty cool also again If you don't understand what I'm talking

About right now that's okay this is sort Of like a very much a developer thing But I like covering it because lots of You will end up using it for something Um and then check this out uh you can See here going into that body uh editor That run out I was mentioning earlier Not only you can sort of see this is This is Json content or Json or whatever Depending on who you are anyways makes It very easy to do that Um if you show an example of how you can Add a header which is pretty legit Um so all in all this is some really Awesome progress now a it's pre-alpha so It's all just internal testing right now On the high level team just to make sure That we you know we use after like all Of you we just want to make sure we're Doing a good job sort of replacing Everything we're doing with it so that Way it works well for you as well so Anyways long video but I want to go Through that I hope all you're having an Awesome Tuesday and I'll see you in the Next video in just a second

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